The cosmetic properties of extra virgin olive oil have been very well known since ancient times. It was used as a beauty treatment by the Phoenicians, who considered it so precious that it was renamed "liquid gold". Throughout history, most of the populations of the Mediterranean have used it outside the purely culinary dimension.

The ancient Egyptians, one of the most advanced civilizations in those times, benefited from it to soften the skin and polish the hair, and used the so-called "gift of the gods" as anti-wrinkle by mixing it with milk, incense grains and cypress berries.

But even the athletes of ancient Greece used it for massages and localized frictions to fortify the muscles and warm them up ... and how to forget the ancient Romans who, after a thermal session, sprinkled the body with olive oil, to regain the lost vigor.

Particularly rich in Vitamin E that counteracts free radicals, which are the main responsible for the aging process, and polyphenols, with their proven antioxidant action, CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil is a precious natural anti-aging ally.

Recent studies also show that the composition of extra virgin olive oil (triglycerides) is very similar to the sebum of human skin, and that among vegetable oils it is the one with the greatest affinity to the lipid layer of the skin; this makes it a natural anti-aging for the reconstruction of the dermis.

Precisely for the moisturizing, emollient, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging action of the precious elements it contains, CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil is used as the basis for our 100% natural COSMERALDA line of cosmetics that includes body moisturizers , hand creams, shower gel, soaps and perfumes formulated with natural essential oils.

In Sardinia we usually use extra virgin olive oil for anything, in the kitchen of course, but also as an ingredient for the preparation of numerous natural remedies.

Did we intrigue you? How about discovering the ancient remedies that our grandmothers used before the advent of modern cosmetics? Let's deepen together this subject:


Rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil on the face is an excellent beauty ally to fight and reduce wrinkles. To enhance its effect, create a mixture by adding argan and shea oil and apply it on your face and neck every night before going to sleep. Upon awakening, your skin will be more compact and radiant.


Put a small amount of CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil on your fingertips and rub it on your lips.


Once a week, mix sodium bicarbonate and organic CASANOA extra virgin olive oil until a creamy consistency is obtained, gently rub the mixture obtained all over the body, then wash with the very delicate 100% natural COSMERALDA shower gel. Don't forget to hydrate your skin with COSMERALDA 100% natural body cream.


Once a week, dip your nails in a bowl containing CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil for ten minutes. This treatment will make your nails more resistant to breakage and chipping and will soften the cuticles.


Don't you know how to soften heels, elbows or other particularly dry or chapped areas of the body? Try this: mix 10 ml of CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil, with 40 grams of shea butter, 10 drops of helichrysum essential oil (excellent remedy for chapping) and 5 drops of myrtle essential oil (excellent remedy for irritated skin ). Soften the butter by working it with a spatula. Pour everything into a clean and dry jar, keeping it away from light and heat and using it within a maximum of three months.


Being rich in nutrients, olive oil is an ideal natural conditioner. In addition to having a detangling action on the hair, it nourishes it in depth leaving it soft and shiny. To make the olive oil conditioner, heat a bowl of CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil. The temperature must be slightly warm, absolutely not hot. Gradually, spread the oil on all hair taking care to do it strand by strand: if you suffer from dandruff it can also be applied to the scalp, otherwise it is better to proceed from mid-length. Leave on for about 15 minutes and proceed with the usual shampoo.


A miraculous restructuring mask can be obtained by mixing olive oil and honey. Both hyper nutritious, these two ingredients must be mixed in a bowl in equal parts (3 tablespoons of CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons of Sardinian honey). Before shampooing, apply the compound obtained from mid-length to the hair. Cover the canopy with plastic wrap and let it act for about half an hour. Proceed with the usual shampoo: being a particularly nourishing mask it may be necessary to do two rinses.


If the tan is now fading, waiting for your next holiday in Sardinia, use the CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil lukewarm on the skin, especially on wet skin after a shower, and pat dry with a towel. In a few days, your skin will become beautiful and hydrated again.


A classic grandmother's remedy that will amaze you for its effectiveness in fighting cellulite and increasing the elasticity of the skin, the salt and olive oil bath, an ancient treatment that brings numerous benefits: salt drains, reshapes, detoxifies and deflated, while extra virgin olive oil prevents and reduces stretch marks, thanks to its exceptional skin elasticizing power.

For a perfect elasticizing and anti-cellulite bath, prepare a tub full of hot water (about 38 degrees so that the salts can dissolve them) ... do not forget to light the COSMERALDA 100% natural candle with your favorite fragrance, to regenerate and remove all stress and the worries of the day ... pour half a kilo of coarse salt, 5 tablespoons of CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil, immerse yourself and take advantage of this moment all for yourself!


Apply the CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil by dabbing gently on the baby's skin, so as to treat the milk crust. Leave it on for about 10/15 minutes. Wash using the very delicate 100% natural COSMERALDA shower gel, also suitable for the children sensitive skin.


If you often suffer from irritations, due to shaving or other causes, an excellent remedy for grandmother is to treat the red area with CASANOA organic extra virgin olive oil. It is also useful for the dermatitis of children, giving them great relief.

Now all you have to do is to try these efficient home made grandmother remedies with 100% natural ingredients!

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